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Who stole my audience?

We are preparing for next year......But here's details of 2014. Here at Gallus Events we believe - and scientific research is supporting - that we have to create environments and experiences which are truly unique if you really want our attendees to engage and to learn. Who Stole My Audience’s main objective was to show that we can create an atmosphere in a unique space that support attendees to learn and participate. By opening up our attendees dormant creativity we were able to show how being creative leads to better events but also more profitable events. We took our two day super conference to Bounce, the home of ping pong in London. We integrated the ping pong theme into our event networking as participants struck balls across the ping pong net. We introduced gamification which sat beautifully in an environment designed for play. Our sessions were highly interactive focusing on meeting design and our attendees even designed a new meeting format: Next Step Dominoes. We disrupted the traditional conference but crucially this was not an “un-conference”. We reclaimed the word conference for our attendees, we cleansed it, we made it cool again. Our attendees believed that creative conferences are the future for the meetings industry. And we were happy to lead the way. Who Stole My Audience will take place in April in Edinburgh 2015


30th April

Starting at 09:00



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Let's get creative

Day one focuses on what creativity means in the world of conferences and congresses. During this highly creative and interactive first day attendees will understand how to foster change and embed innovation in their organisation. Day two gets practical. We have sessions looking in detail at all of the areas organisers must consider when creating a creative conference. The detailed framework from day will be built on to create the dynamics of a stand out conference.

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